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Pipeline centrifugal pump drainage selection


Pump selection basis, should be based on process flow, water supply and drainage requirements, be considered from five aspects, both the volume of liquid delivery head, liquid properties, equipment, piping layout and the operation of operating conditions.

1, colloid mill flow is one of the important election of pump performance data, it is directly related to the entire device capacity and transmission capacity. If the pump is able to calculate the normal, minimum, maximum three flow process design institute. Pump selection is based on maximum flow basis, and,

Gu Zhengchang flow, in the absence of maximum flow, it is usually preferable to 1.1 times the normal flow of traffic as the largest.

2, the installation of the lift system is another important election of pump performance data, metering pump to enlarge the general use 5% - 10% margin to lift after the selection.

3, fluid properties, including the name of the liquid medium, physical properties, chemical properties and other physical properties of a temperature C density D, the viscosity u, medium diameter of solid particles and gas content, which involves the system's head, effective cavitation margin calculation and

The right type of pump: chemical properties, mainly refers to the liquid medium corrosive and toxic chemicals rotor pump, is the pump material and select a form an important basis for seal.

Pipeline layout conditions 4 device system refers to send liquid height fluid delivery distance to send fluid, suction side such as the minimum level, the highest level from the side, data and specifications and the length of pipe, materials, pipe specifications, quantity, for line comb head calculation and

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5, the operation conditions of many contents, such as the operation of the liquid T saturated steam pressure of P, the suction side pressure PS (absolute), the discharge side of pressure vessel PZ, altitude, ambient temperature operation is a gap or continuous, the location of the pump is fixed or removable screw pump.