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Talent strategy

Talent strategy

Find the right people, rather than the best people. The dedication and sense of responsibility is very important, want to have good development space, must have anti setback ability strong, diligent, forward-looking thinking, solid professional knowledge and good expression and communication ability, healthy psychological quality and physical, there is a collective concept and team spirit, never complain. Kaicheng Ichino in the boundless huge crowd looking for has a strong sense of responsibility, creative, productive talents.

Talent concept

Kaicheng focus on the introduction and training of talents, based on the introduction of a large number of domestic and foreign advanced technology talents and management talents, independent training excellent technology backbone and management team.

Personnel recruitment

Pay: salary strategy positioning basis, the benefit of enterprise, industry wages, value contribution, execute salary system of administrative staff, annual salary income = monthly salary income * 12 + effectiveness of the end of the year award.