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The two part of Kaicheng's enterprise culture by the core values and methodology constitutes. Kaicheng core values is the key beliefs Kaicheng long-term development of belief, is the fundamental Kaicheng enterprise culture. Kaicheng methodology is in core values under the leadership of Tsurukawa Hito, methods of thinking and problem solving.

Core values:

Business interests first

The interests of enterprises is the premise of other interests, in the judgment of value and interest choice, the business interests in the first place, the individual is subordinate to the organization, the part to the whole.


Seek truth from facts, do not cheat oneself; responsible for the integrity, said to do. Pragmatism is an attitude, is a kind of ability.

Be enterprising

Beyond the immediate interests, the lofty idea; beyond natural experience, imagination and creativity; beyond the self limitation, 5% hope into 100% reality.

People oriented

Office of the company is to manage people, pay attention to the role of respect for human needs, and create the conditions for human development, to build a stage without ceiling.


"Strong purpose, the phased implementation objectives, checking" is the method of Kaicheng theory, is an important part of the crane Sichuan culture. Tsurukawa's methodology has its inherent logic. Strong purpose is to clarify the purpose of ensuring says that in advance, do the right thing; and then, the target decomposition, become executable, and advancing step by step; in the process, but also pay attention to constantly checking, timely adjustment, and accumulate experiences for further development, summed up the law.

Strong purpose

Have clear purpose, to understand the "why", is aiming to play instead of Meng play. In the process of doing things, often to "jump out to look at the paintings", the fundamental purpose of time thinking about things, want to do things.

Implementation of phase

To achieve the goal is not an overnight process, must pay attention not to run when the sprint, considering the priorities, the allocation of resources, analysis of all kinds of boundary conditions, prospectively goals into sub goals and milestones, and advancing step by step.


Checking is originally a go term in Kaicheng refers to in the work of the attention to review, and constantly check and correction of target, continuous analysis of gains and losses in order to improve, deepen understanding and the summary of the law. The essence of Tsurukawa checking methodology is based on the core values of self reflection, stressed that "open mind. Frank expression, seeking truth from facts, self reflection, brainstorming".